Email Campaigns

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1. I have designed an email template in html and I want to save it in the Library in SkyDesk Campaigns for future use. How?

  1. Click the Library tab. Select Templates and click on Customized Templates.
  2. Here use the +New Template and select the HTML editor option.
  3. Once you are in the editor, select the HTML option from the toolbar.
  4. Copy and paste the code for the HTML template you had designed. Review the content once before saving and exiting.

If your template contains images, these need to be hosted on a public URL. Templates containing images hosted on a private URL will NOT be saved.Preferably use Google Chrome or Firefox to avoid issues while designing and uploading templates.

2. I have used Merge Tags in my email content but these do not work in Test Emails. Why?

In the test email the Merge tags used, or header and footer links for that matter will not work and only the Merge Tag code will be displayed. To check the working of the merge tags:

  1. Create a test list and add your email id added it.
  2. Send the campaign email to this list and then check the working of the merge tags and the various links.

3. Can I make changes to my Campaign content after it has been reviewed? After it has been sent?

Even if a campaign has been reviewed, you can still edit it but once a campaign has been sent, you will need to clone it to use the content again. If you see yourself using a particular campaign content frequently, then save the content to Library as a template for future use.

4. How do I add Social Media Buttons in my campaign?

To insert Social Media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. insert those icons as an image along with a space character. Add a space character next to each image and embed the corresponding Facebook/Twitter link to those images along with the space character.

5. I create the template for an email campaign but when I try to save it I get sent back to the original template, all my changes are lost. Why is that?

You can tackle this issue in a couple of ways:

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer, please switch to Firefox or Chrome to design the template.
  2. Clear the browser cache and then try to create the content.

6. Can I embed videos to play within the email?

Embedded videos using the video merge tag will show the thumbnail of the video and will play in a pop-up or a new window /tab on the actual website and not within the email itself. The thumbnail will be visible if the subscriber allows images in the email to be displayed. Refer the link for more information: Video Merge Tags  

7. How long does it take for my campaigns to be reviewed?

We try to review and approve your Campaigns ASAP. Typically the Campaigns review team checks for the following:

  1. Content: Adherence to basic guidelines for objectionable content that might get classified as spam.
  2. Sender address: Typically when the sender address is a public domain address type e.g., the email can end up being labeled as spam. It is recommended to use custom domain email to avoid this.

Once these checks are done the campaign is approved. In case of any issues we will be reaching out to you.

8. I want to change the header and footer of the email template. How do I do so?

You can edit the Header and Footer contents of the email. You have the option to customize/remove header/footer text. In addition to changing the text, you have various options like Tell-A-Friend, Update Profile. You can add links for the company’s Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn profile. To learn more about customizing header and footer content go to Header and Footer Customization  

9. In trying to add a sender address I’m not receiving the verification email to confirm the address. What do I do ?

In the rare occurrence that our mail does not find its way to your inbox, these steps will resolve the issue:

  1. Have you setup any filters for your mailbox? If yes, kindly check your filters for the email.
  2. Do you have POP/IMAP configured to your email account? If yes, kindly check the concerned settings.
  3. Kindly check your Spam folder.

10. How do I make sure that my emails are optimized for Desktop and Mobile Devices?

All our templates are both mobile and desktop friendly. It'll automatically adjust irrespective of your subscribers’ device. You can check it by sending test emails to both your desktop and mobile.

11. When I create a new campaign, it says, “Personalize your subject line"?? What does this mean?

You can customize the subject line of your emails using Merge Tags. For e.g. you can use your subscriber’s first name in the subject line while mentioning a brand new product.

Do make sure, when using Merge Tags in the subject line, to use mail and social default value. This is the value that will be displayed in your mail, if you don't have a subscriber's first name etc.

12. How can I track my email campaigns using Google Analytics?

Once you integrate your Google Analytics account with SkyDesk Campaigns, you can view all the analytics related information in SkyDesk Campaigns instead of logging in separately into your Google Analytics account. We tag 3 campaign-tracking parameters to all the URLs in the email campaign:

  1. utm_source=SkyDesk Campaigns
  2. utm_campaign=Campaign Name, and
  3. utm_medium=email

To view the site analytics, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Reports tab --> Site Analytics.
  2. In Site Analytics page, click Site Visits.
  3. A graphical report represents the total visits and the type of visits to your website.
  4. Choose your Analytics account / profile from the drop down list and select the data as given below.

13. Can I transfer content from campaigns CRM module to SkyDesk Campaigns?

Campaign content created in the Campaigns CRM module cannot be transferred to SkyDesk Campaigns.

14. I have an email template stored othe cloud. Can I import it directly?

SkyDesk Campaigns allows you to import templates from the cloud. You can import your template from SkyDesk Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box. To learn more importing your template see: Import Template from Cloud  

15. How do I schedule a campaign for different time zones?

To schedule based on Recipient's Time Zone:

  1. In the Schedule Email page, select Send Later in Recipient's Time Zone.
  2. Choose the date and time for email delivery.
  3. Click Schedule.


You have to schedule campaigns at least 24 hours in advance so that all time zones in the world are covered.

16. What are the types of templates SkyDesk Campaigns offers?

At SkyDesk Campaigns we offer three types of templates:

  1. Basic templates.
  2. Designed templates.
  3. Smart/Mobile templates.

These come in a variety of styles. You can further edit and customize each template i.e. change the color scheme, font, add images etc.

17. Is it necessary to use the same subject/campaign content while creating a chain campaign?

No, You are not required to use the same subject and campaign content, you can give a new subject line and select the option to clone the content or create a new campaign content.

18. Do I have to manually select unopened subscribers from a campaign if I want to follow up with them?

To target unresponsive subscribers you can use the "Add a Chain Campaign", which automatically targets the unopened contacts from the mailing list used for a particular campaign.

19. Can I use attachments in the emails?

You cannot add attachments to your campaign mails. This is primarily for the purpose of deliverability as such mails are highly likely to be marked as SPAM.

An alternative you can use is that you can upload the attachments to a public server and add the link in the email.

20. Why should I not to use a public domain address like or

We'd suggest you not use a public domain address to send marketing emails. The reason being you'll not get a good open and click rate because your recipients may not know if it is from you. Also there is a high possibility of your email being marked as spam if you send it from a public domain address like "Gmail" or "Yahoo".