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1. I wish to create a button/link inside the email template, which the customer will click, upon which he should receive another email. How do I do this?

You can accomplish this using an Email action based responder.

Send a campaign containing the link to your subscribers. After the campaign is sent, an "Email-action" based Autoresponder can be created for the recipients who click the link. This will send an automatic email to whoever clicks the link.

For example - You can embed a button in the email and link it your website. Once the subscriber clicks on the button, the follow email will be triggered automatically. NOTE: It is not possible to create a button without link.

Refer the following link for more info on Email-action based Autoresponder.
Email Action Based Autoresponder  

2. I intend to run a 30 day campaigns for anyone signing up on my website. How do I configure it so that on a particular day after sign up a pre-defined email goes out through auto-responder?

We recommend you Sign-up Based Autoresponder through which you can send a series of emails at regular intervals upon customer sign-up.

E.g. if a subscriber signs up on 1st Jan then the email goes out on D+1(where D= signup date) in this case 2nd Jan, another one on D+3, and so forth irrespective of the signup date of the subscriber. Please refer the following link on how to create a sign-up based Autoresponder: Sign Up Based Autoresponder  

3. I have created a calendar-based autoresponder with 6 emails. When I look at the autoresponder, it lists the emails in the order that I inputted them and not the chronological order in which I've asked them to be sent. Does this matter? Can I reorder the display of emails in the autoresponder so they are arranged chronologically?

Each message in the calendar-based autoresponder is independent of the other. The mails will go out as per your schedule setup regardless of the order of messages created or displayed. Currently we do not have an option to re order the messages in an autoresponder. We are working to make it available soon.

4. I'm looking to track the traffic we get from an autoresponder campaign in Google Analytics. I've associated the Google account and I see the "Add Google Analytics to track URLs in your campaign" option when creating an email campaign; is there a similar option when creating an autoresponder campaign.

While creating an autoresponder, you'll get the advanced option where you can check the option 'Add Google Analytics to track URLs in your campaign' to track the reports through Google Analytics (Refer screenshot).

5. I have been collecting contacts with a signup form and have about 20 contacts registered there. I recently set up an autoresponder for this list (to send two days after the registration). Once I turn on the autoresponder, will my response email be sent to existing members of the list?

You can send the autoresponder mail to existing contacts in a mailing list by clicking "Send Message To Missed Contacts" on top of the corresponding message in an autoresponder (Refer screenshot).

6. My Autoresponder has not been sent to my subscribers. Why?

There are a couple of reasons why your Autoresponder may not have been sent:

Import Contacts: This scenario occurs in Sign-up based Autoresponders, where the user wouldn’t have selected the contacts added via Import and CRM Sync option but expects to trigger Autoresponder. Make sure that you select the Include contacts added via Import and CRM Sync option while creating the Autoresponder.

Campaign Review: Often, users misunderstand an Autoresponder that is sent for review as the one being sent to the recipients. Please note that to run an Autoresponder, you need to start it by clicking the Start Now button once the autoresponder has been reviewed.

7. Is there any limitation for the number of messages in an Autoresponder?

Yes, we restrict to a maximum of 50 messages per Autoresponder.

8. What are the different ways an Autoresponder can be stopped?

You can stop an Autoresponder by deleting the related mailing list, or deleting a specific segment, or deleting a custom field based criteria (in case of custom date based Autoresponders).

To temporarily pause an Autoresponder:

  1. Automation->Autoresponders-> Click the appropriate Autoresponder.
  2. Click Pause button on the top of Autoresponder.
  3. Click OK to confirm.

9. Can I change the schedule for an Autoresponder message?

As long as the Autoresponder message has not started, you can change the schedule as follows:

  1. Automation->Autoresponders-> Click the appropriate Autoresponder.
  2. Click Send Settings button to the related message.
  3. You can choose to send it immediately or schedule the message at your comfortable time.

10. What happens to my Autoresponders if my subscription gets downgraded?

If your subscription gets downgraded, your Autoresponders will be suspended and you'll receive an email notifying you about the suspension. If you happen to renew your subscription, the Autoresponders can be restarted by contacting

11. Can I edit the workflow other users have created? Can I delete other user's workflow?

Once a workflow is activated, you cannot edit a workflow process. Yes, you can view or edit other user's workflow provided you have sufficient privileges. However you cannot delete other user's workflow.

12. When does a workflow become inactive?

A workflow can be deactivated by following methods:

Due to List Deletion

  1. When the target list is deleted, the "add to target list" action is paused.
  2. When the "add to target list" is the only action and the target list is deleted, the workflow becomes inactive.
  3. When a master list is deleted, the workflow is stopped.

Due to Privilege Revoke (custom field) - When a privilege is revoked for the custom field present in the master list.

Due to Privilege Revoke (mailing list)

  1. When the privilege is revoked for a target list, the "add to target list" action is paused.
  2. When "add to target list" is the only action and the privilege is revoked for a target list, the workflow becomes inactive.
  3. When the privilege is revoked for master list, the workflow becomes inactive.

13. I am finishing setting up my first autoresponder, which includes several emails (to be sent x days after sign-up). I want to test the email to ensure the autoresponder works as anticipated as well as check the formatting and appearance. What is the best way to accomplish this testing?

You can use the Send Test mail option, which is present on the right hand side of the screen before starting/Activating the message.

You can also add your email id to the mailing list for which you have setup the Autoresponder so that you will get the first email immediately and other messages based on the Autoresponder setup. Check those messages in your inbox to make sure that your Autoresponder works as anticipated.

14. Are there any limitations with what you can do with autoresponders and work flows when using segments rather than lists? And conversely, are there any limitations with what you can do with autoresponders and work flows when using lists rather than segments?

Choosing a segment or a list will depend on the specific scenario.

For example, if you were to set up a signup form based autoresponder that needs to be sent to certain existing contacts in a list who match a certain criteria, you would need to create a new list and copy those contacts to the new list using a workflow rather than a segment within the existing list using the said criteria.

This is because the signup form based autoresponder uses the date the contact was added to the list as a point of reference to send out the emails and it may not work as intended for people already present in a list.

On the other hand you can use the Segment option to filter the contacts based on the particular criteria within the mailing list and then trigger autoresponders for each segment.

15. I want to send a SkyDesk Campaign to any new lead from SkyDesk CRM who signs up on our website. I want to create an Autoresponder in Campaigns that sends a specific SkyDesk Campaign to the lead immediately on sign up. Is this not possible since Campaigns requires a manual sync?

If the contacts are being pushed into SkyDesk CRM using your own form and if you have set up a daily sync, it can take up to 24 hours for the contacts to be synced over to Campaigns and then being sent the autoresponder emails as per schedule.

An alternative solution we suggest is using SkyDesk Campaigns’ Sign-up Forms to sign-up the lead from your website. The lead will be directly added to a specific contact list of your choosing in SkyDesk Campaigns and you can set up an autoresponder for the corresponding List.

When our Sign-up forms push the contacts to the Lists associated with the autoresponders, they will receive the email immediately, with minimum possible delay.

16. Once an Autoresponder has been created, can one edit the name or rename the Autoresponder?

It is possible to change the name of the autoresponder by clicking on the name. If you want to change the name of individual message in an autoresponder, just click on Settings and 'Edit Message Name'..

17. Is there a way to see which contacts clicked on a link in an autoresponder?

Please click on the Autoresponders tab and then on the desired responder to see the overall report. Now click on view reports to see more specific information like the list of email addresses that opened/clicked the email.