A/B Campaigns

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1. I want to send a chain campaign to all unopened contacts of A/B Campaign. How do I create one?

It is not possible to create chain campaign for an A/B Campaign. However, you can export the unopened contacts, import them to a new mailing list, and send the campaign to the unopened recipients.

To export unopened contacts, Click on Reports tab —>Select A/B campaign —>Recipient Activity —>Unopened —>Export.

2. How can I clone my A/B campaign?

You can clone your A/B campaign by following the given path. Email Campaigns -- > Click the Filter icon to filter A/B Campaigns -- > Hover on the A/B campaign you want to clone.

3. Can I select the A/B campaign recipients based on numbers rather than percentage?

It is not possible to select the recipients based on number of contacts. However, you can set the recipients percentage and it will randomly pick the contact to be sent.

4. Is it possible to stop/cancel an A/B Campaign?

No, it is not possible to stop or cancel an A/B Campaign.

5. After sending an A/B campaign, can I decide the winner manually before the campaign is sent to the resulting winner?

Yes, you can manually select the winner and send your campaign to the winner.

6. If both A & B scores equally - who will be the winner for the resulting campaign?

We will extend the test time by half an hour and recheck results. By chance, if the result remains the same, we will send you an email and change the testing type to manual. After which, you can manually decide the winner.

Eventbrite Campaigns

7. I want to send emails to contacts in a mailing list inviting them to an event and allow them to register for the event from the email. Is this functionality supported by Campaigns?

Yes it is possible through SkyDesk Campaigns service. If you have created the event in Eventbrite account, then you can integrate your Eventbrite account with SkyDesk Campaigns and send the Eventbrite campaign to your recipient list within a minutes of time.


It is important to publish your event in your Eventbrite account.

8. I do not see the ability to create an Eventbrite Autoresponder campaign. Am I missing something?

No, it is not possible to create an Eventbrite Autoresponder campaign.

9. I try to create an Eventbrite campaign but I encounter an error. "No live events are present in your configured Eventbrite account."

Please check if the event is public or private in Eventbrite. In case it’s private, please change it to public and try to create Eventbrite campaign in SkyDesk Campaigns.

Coupon Campaigns

10. Where can I validate the Coupon code?

You can validate the coupon code and check the details such as recipient details, campaign name, campaign sent on, expiry date, and coupon status.

  1. Go to Contacts Module --> Click Coupon Services subtab.
  2. In Coupon Services page, enter the coupon code in the box given.
  3. Click Check button to view the coupon information.

11. Where can I view the coupon campaigns, exclusively?

You can view the coupon campaigns by following the steps as given below:

  1. Go to Contacts Module --> Click Coupon Services subtab.
  2. Now, click Coupon History present on the right hand side.

Shopify Campaigns

12. What if, I‘ve an existing track code in Additional content & scripts section of Order processing?

You can very well paste the Shopify track code along with other codes in the same box. This will not make an impact on the reports generated by respective code related websites.

13. Where can I find the Ecommerce Stats in my Shopify account?

You can view the Ecommerce Stats under Reports section of your account.


Only paid users can view the ecommerce stats in their Shopify account.

RSS Campaigns

14. What if there's no update or new content in the website or blog. Will it trigger the RSS Campaign?

In this case, no campaign would be sent.

15. Where can I get the RSS feed URL for my website or blog?

All you need to do is to enter the website or blog’s main URL (e.g. blogs.skydesk.jp), we’ll automatically fetch the RSS feed URL from the main URL. If we fail to fetch the RSS feeds, please check the webpage of your website. It must have a link tag similar to " ".

16. Why is that, subscribers are not receiving my RSS Campaigns?

Your subscribers are not receiving RSS campaigns probably due to the fact that no new content was added in your website.

Survey Campaigns

17. I’m not able to view any SurveyMonkey related surveys while creating a new survey campaign in SkyDesk Campaigns account?

No need to worry. There are two scenarios when such issues occur. 1. When you’ve made integration with a SurveyMonkey account and created a survey in another SurveyMonkey account. Recheck the integration and if needed we would suggest you to integrate the SurveyMonkey account with the surveys. 2. It is a prerequisite to create the survey in your SurveyMonkey account and then proceed to SkyDesk campaigns to add it to your campaigns.

18. Can I view the survey related responses provided by the recipient while taking the survey?

Yes, you can view the responses given in a survey under the recipient’s activity page under Reports tab of your Campaign website.

19. Is it mandatory to make use of merge tag in my survey campaign related templates?

No, it is not mandatory to include merge tags in survey templates as we’ve embedded the survey links in the survey templates. However, if you are using general designed templates, you need to use the merge tags so that the survey links are visible in the template.

20. What if I, deny the integration of SurveyMonkey account after sending a Survey Campaigns? Will I still be able to view the survey reports in SkyDesk Campaigns account?

No, In that case, you cannot view the survey report in SkyDesk Campaigns. To get the survey reports updated, it is mandatory to integrate the SurveyMonkey account with your SkyDesk campaigns.

21. How can I view the updated survey reports in SkyDesk Campaigns account?

It is very simple, to view the updated reports go to Reports tab ->Survey Reports page ->Refresh the icon for Refresh to update survey reports option.

22. Can I send chain campaign based on survey stats such as those who completed the survey and left it incomplete?

Yes, it is very possible that you can send chain campaigns based on survey stats such as completed and incomplete survey.