Integrate with SkyDesk Apps

Integrate with SkyDesk CRM

SkyDesk CRM integrates with SkyDesk Campaigns  to provides great benefit to your business needs such as Sales, Marketing, watching out your leads and potentials. It gives you the option to importing the contacts from CRM to Campaigns and view the sent campaigns’ and Autoresponders status, Recipients Summary such as open rate and click rate from your CRM account. 


Before integrating your CRM account with SkyDesk Campaigns, please check that your CRM account complies with the following prerequisites.

  • You must have a user account in both Campaigns and CRM to configure the sync settings.
  • To integrate your CRM account, you must have Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions.
  • You must have an active ZSC key to configure your CRM account. If not, please contact your org administrator.

Now,   complete the following steps to successfully import data from CRM to Campaigns:

  • Generate ZSC Key in SkyDesk CRM
  • Integrate  SkyDesk CRM with Campaigns

Generate ZSC key

  1. Log in to SkyDesk CRM   account.
  2. Click on the Setup link at the right top of the page.
  3. In the Setup page, click Developer Space icon.
  4. In the Developer Space page, click SkyDesk Service Communication (ZSC) Key subtab.
  5. Copy the ZSC key and paste it in the ZSC key field in SkyDesk Campaigns.

Integrate your SkyDesk CRM Account

Before making Sync with SkyDesk CRM, you need to integrate your SkyDesk CRM profile to SkyDesk Campaigns account.

To integrate SkyDesk CRM account,

  1. Go to Contacts module --> Sync Contacts subtab.                                   
  2. In Sync Contacts page, click Sync Contacts from SkyDesk Services from right hand side panel.
  3. In Sync Contacts from SkyDesk Servicespage, specify the following:
    • Service: Choose SkyDesk CRM.
    • Email Address: Enter your CRM account’s email address.
    • ZSC Key: Enter SkyDesk Service Communication   (ZSC) key generated from your SkyDesk CRM account.
  4.  Click Save button to proceed.


Integrate with SkyDesk Creator

Before importing the contacts from your Creator account, you need to integrate your SkyDesk Creator account with SkyDesk Campaigns.

To integrate your SkyDesk Creator account,

  1. In the Settings tab, click Integrations icon.
  2. In Integrations page, Click the Associate Account related to SkyDesk Creator option.
  3. You’ll get a message that your creator account is integrated.


  • To integrate your Creator and Campaigns account, you must have the accounts with same email address.

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