Integrate with Google Apps

SkyDesk Campaigns offers a wide range of Google apps using single sign-in integration with the Google account. You can easily integrate Campaigns with Google Docs, Google Contacts, and Google Analytics.

To integrate your Google account

  1. Go to Settings module, click Integrations icon.
  2. In Integration page, click the Associate Account related to Google option.

  3. This will get redirected to your Google Sign in account. Enter your Google Credentials.

  4. Click Sign in to proceed and you’ll get a popup message with Grant Access option.

Google Docs

Import your files and datas from Google Docs from your Google Account. Once you import the document from Google Docs, you do not have the option to edit the content and have to reimport the content after making necessary changes in the Google Docs.

Google Contacts

Import your Google contacts using our Sync contacts from Google option. This is the easiest way to import the contacts into mailing list present in your campaigns.  

Learn more on how to import from Google Contacts  .

Google Spreadsheets

Import your contacts from Google spreadsheets in your Google Docs.All you've to do is to import the file and map the required fields along with adding the contacts to a mailing list. 

Learn more on how to import from Google Spreadsheets  .

Google Analytics

As you’ve associated your Google account with SkyDesk Campaigns, please make sure you select the "Add Google Analytics to tracks URLs in your campaign" option during campaign creation to successfully view analytics in SkyDesk Campaigns itself. 

By any chance if you don't associate your account with SkyDesk Campaigns, you can still view Analytics. The only difference being, you will have to:

  1. Login to Google Analytics.
  2. Create a segment with the campaign name to view analytics of data related to the respective campaign.


  • You have to create the segment with the campaign name after you send the campaign.
  • Selecting the Add Google Analytics to track URLs in your campaign option is common for both cases.