Email Campaigns

SkyDesk Campaigns is the perfect solution for your email marketing needs. You can create, customize and send email campaigns in a jiffy.

In this section we will take a look at the process of creating an email campaign, the great customization options that SkyDesk Campaigns provides and explore tools like merge-tags or the "Add Comments" feature.

Creating my Email Campaign  

We can create an email campaign using SkyDesk Campaigns in three simple steps:
Design and Configure your content. Choose the recipients. Send the campaign.

Explore the following aspects of creating a campaign:
Basic Details   | Configuring Content   | Choosing Recipients    | Sending the Campaign   |
Linking YouTube/ Vimeo to my Email Campaign  

Customizating my Email Campaign  

Add a touch of personality to your campaigns. Set color themes, update header & footer and personalize them with easy-to-use merge tags:
Header & Footer Customization   | Personalizing my Email Campaign   | Social Share Tags  

What more can I do with my Email Campaigns?  

Follow up on recipients who leave your campaign unopened. Learn how to create a chain campaign, and how to clone, edit, and delete them:
Chain Campaigns | Clone a Campaign   | Editing a Campaign   | Delete a Campaign  

Suggested Reading

1. I have designed an email template in html and I want to save it in the Library in SkyDesk Campaigns for future use. How?

  1. Click the Library tab. Select Templates and click on Customized Templates.
  2. Here use the +New Template and select the HTML editor option.
  3. Once you are in the editor, select the HTML option from the toolbar.
  4. Copy and paste the code for the HTML template you had designed. Review the content once before saving and exiting.


Preferably use Google Chrome or Firefox to avoid issues while designing and uploading templates. If your template contains images, these need to be hosted on a public URL. If Templates containing images hosted on a private URL will NOT be saved.

2. I have used Merge Tags in my email content but these do not work in Test Emails. Please explain?

In the test email the Merge tags used, or header and footer links, will not work. To check the working of the merge tags:

  1. Create a test list and add your email id added it.
  2. Send the campaign email to this list and then check the working of the merge tags and the various links.

3. Can I make changes to my Campaign content after it has been reviewed? After it has been sent?

Even if a campaign has been reviewed, you can still edit it but once a campaign has been sent, you will need to clone it to use the content again. If you see yourself using a particular campaign content frequently, then save the content to Library as a template for future use.

Take a look at some more frequently asked questions(FAQs) on email campaigns