G​et Code

Your sign-up form is now ready and all you need is to just share it on different mediums such as website, blogs, Facebook page, etc.

Form Code

This is a conventional way to add sign-up form to your website by copying the code generated based on sign-up form. You can paste this code wherever you want to display the sign-up form on your ​website.

Short URL

This is a sign-up form in the form of a URL which can be shared on social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once the visitor clicks the link, it automatically redirects to a page with a sign-up form.

QR Code

This is a matrix barcode scanned by mobile phones to access your sign-up form. Visitors can scan the QR code to get redirected to your Sign-up form.

Sign-up Button

A simple way to sign-up to a mailing list is through Call-to-Action button which is widely used in event registrations, seminars, tradeshows, conferences and webinar.

Cr​eate Sign-up Button

You can create a sign-up button by customizing it with different font style, color or upload your own button image. You can customize the sign-up button by selecting the button type, background color, border, font style, etc.

Upload B​utton – This is the call-to-action button which confirms the completion of sign-up process. You can adjust size, customize the color, and text font. You can also upload your own button image.

Add Sign-up From on Facebook Page

If you have integrated your Facebook page with SkyDesk Campaigns then you can embed a sign-up form as a tab in your page. Using this application, you can make your Facebook fans and visitors to sign up through this form.

To add sign-up form in Facebook,

  1. In the Generate phase of sign-up form creation, go to Publish on Facebook section
  2. Select the Facebook Account and relevant Page
  3. Click the Save and Publish button

Your Sign-up form has been published on the Facebook page and you can view the form by clicking the link Visit my Facebook page. This will take you to the Facebook page where you can view the sign-up form.