Create Sign-up Form

Sign-up form is the most popular way to build a mailing list that too at a faster rate. The best part of sign-up form method is that subscribers have given their consent to receive newsletters. 

In this guide, we will be discussing about different types of sign-up forms, different ways to customize the forms, response templates and finally the different ways to share the sign-up form with subscribers.

Since our sign-up forms are responsive to mobile devices, users can access the sign-up form from any devic​e. In fact, we have come up with different ways to display the sign-up form such as URL, sign-up code on webpage and QR code.​

Creating your first sign-up form

To create a sign-up form, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Contacts –> List Management.
  2. In the List Management page, select a mailing list.
  3. In the Mailing list page, click Sign-up Form -- > Create Sign-up Form.

Creating another sign-up form

If you have already created a sign-up form, you can create a sign-up form by following the steps below: 

  1. Go to Contacts  –> List Management.
  2. In the List Management page, select a mailing list.
  3. In the mailing list page, click Create button --> Sign-up Form. (present on RHS)​  


  • If you do not find the create sign up form option under mailing list, it means sign-up process is disabled for the mailing list. You can edit the list to enable the sign-up form subscription. Learn how to edit list  

From here, the sign-up form creation has been divided into four phases namely,

  •  Select   – To choose a sign-up form based on requirements and available designs.
  • Customize   – To customize the font, color, style and additional fields in the form.
  • Response   – To draft confirmation email messages and add redirection pages.
  • Generate   – To generate code, URL and button for the sign-up form.

 Now, we’re going to discuss the four different phases in detail. 


This is the first phase of sign-up form creation and you can select a sign-up form based on your requirements.  

​Smart Sign-up Form

These are short and concise forms with basic fields such as email address and name. This is further divided into two.

  • Vertical Form – A smart form with email address and name.

  • Horizontal Form - A smart form with email address. In this case, the field and button are placed horizontally. 

Advanced Sign-up Form

You can choose an advanced form based on specifications, customizations, additional fields, hidden fields, etc. 

Form Library

This is a repository where you can save your sign-up forms in the form of templates for future purpose.