Movement of data to new sign-up form version

What happened to my existing sign-up form themes present under Settings page?

You can find the themes associated with the sign-up forms under Library tab > Sign-up forms section. Here, you can find the themes associated to two different forms; one as basic sign-up form and another with advanced sign-up form.

Later, while creating a sign-up form for a mailing list, you’ll find the Import from Library from where you can import the sign-up form along with the associated theme.

What about the sign-up form themes which were not associated to any mailing list?

Nothing to worry! We’ve associated such themes to two different types of sign-up form (basic and advanced) and moved them to the library.

You can make use of these templates while creating a sign-up form. All you need to do is to import them while creating a form.

Additional enhancements in sign-up form

Multiple Sign-up Form for a Mailing List - You can add multiple sign-up forms for a mailing list so that you can add the sign-up forms at different web pages and blogs but finally ending in the same mailing list.

Clone Sign-up forms - You can clone an existing sign-up form within a mailing list and also save the sign-up form in the library as templates.

Add Background Images - You can add a background image for a sign-up form and customize accordingly. Once you upload the image, you can edit the background properties such as size, its position with respect to X and Y axis, etc.

Include Privacy Policy - The privacy policy will be included by default. If you do not want the privacy policy, you may remove it from your sign-up form.

For your reference, "It is our responsibility to protect your privacy and guarantee that your email address will be completely confidential" in the footer section of your sign-up form.

Include Mu​ltiple Lists - You can choose this option if you want the subscriber to sign up for more than one mailing list.​ Once you select this option, you can select the available mailing lists present in your account.

Include Word Verification - You can turn on the CAPTCHA to prevent the spam bots from automated filling of sign-up form.

Fields Customization - You can add, edit and delete fields as well as make changes in field name, label, and swap field positions.

Customize Resubscribe Email – This is an email which is sent to a contact who has unsubscribed previously and now wants to resubscribe. This email includes a button that the contact need to click to confirm their interest to resubscribe their newsletter. You can now customize the Sender Name, Sender Email, and Subject line.

Customize Confirmation Email – This is an email which is sent to those subscribers who sign up with their email address. This email includes a button that the subscribers need to click to confirm the authenticity of their email address. You can now customize the Sender Name, Sender Email, and Subject line.

Sign-up Form Short URL - This is a sign-up form in the form of a URL which can be shared on social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once the visitor clicks the link, it automatically redirects to a page with a sign-up form.

Add Sign-up Form for Facebook Page - You can now add your sign-up forms directly to your Facebook fan page through SkyDesk Campaigns. Once you add the sign-up form, it gets added in the form of a tab on your Facebook page. Using this application, you can make your Facebook fans and visitors to sign up through this form.

Sign-up Form Button – This is a customizable button clicking on which points to a SkyDesk Campaigns hosted sign-up form.

Track Sign-up Form - You can track a web page/blog by embedding a tracking text in the sign-up form. This helps you to view the reports based on maximum number of visits to a sign-up form page and analyze which page is the most visited one. Using the tracking option, you can segment your contacts based on their source via sign-up form tracking

Sign-up Form Reports - You can view the number of visitors who have viewed the sign-up form and the subscribers who have submitted and confirmed their subscription. This includes

  1. Report on number of sign-up form views
  2. Submitted subscribers
  3. Confirmed subscribers.
  4. Top 5 Locations with maximum Subscription
  5. Recently Confirmed Subscribers Data
  6. Report on individual tracking text.
  7. Untracked Reports.