SkyDesk Campaigns provides a crisp and simple approach to manage your contacts which are the basic substratum for your email marketing. In this user guide, you’ll learn how to import contacts and create mailing lists. You’ll also learn how to manage the mailing lists by creating segments and reach out to a specific set of contacts. 

Here, you’ll come across how to design a sign-up form and the different ways to embed a sign-up form in your website. Also, we’ll take you through different ways to sync contacts ranging from SkyDesk Services such as SkyDesk CRM to other services such as Google Contacts and Eventbrite.

Contact Management  

Learn how to add contacts to your campaigns account and also manage the contacts by editing, deleting, and checking the contact history.
Add Contacts   | Import Contacts   | Import Contacts from Google Spreadsheets   | Edit Contacts    | Import to Do-Not-Mail Registry   | View Contact History   | View Import History  

List Management  

Manage your contacts at list level by creating, merging and editing a mailing list. Also learn more about different features such as campaign archive, list tools such as API list key and QR code for sign-up form.
Create Mailing List   | Merge Mailing List   | Edit List   | Export List   | List Sign-up Summary Email   | Campaign Archive   | List Tools ( List Key for API)  

Sign-up Form  

In this section, you'll learn how to create a sign-up form, personalize your sign-up form using theme, customize the form using edit form fields, view the differen types of sign-up form and also configure the sign-up response.

Choose from Sign-up Form Templates   | Different Ways to Customize Sign-up Form   | Set Response Settings for Sign-up Form   | Different Ways to add Sign-up Form   | Sign-up Form Reports   | Navigating Data to New Version of Sign-up Form  

List Segmentation  

Target your prospects/ potential customers by segregating their contacts on specific criteria and focus your email marketing in an effective manner.
Create Segment   | Create Campaign for a Segment   | Edit Segment   | Delete Segment  

Sync Contacts

In this section, you'll learn how to sync and import contacts by integrating with SkyDesk as well as third-party apps.
Sync with SkyDesk CRM   | Import from SkyDesk Creator  | Sync with Highrise   | Import from Google Contacts   | Import Contacts from Eventbrite   | Import Contacts from Shopify