SkyDesk Creator

SkyDesk Creator is an online custom apps builder through which you can create different applications using drag & drop feature. Any SkyDesk Creator will have a form, reports and pages and in reports section, you can view the contacts and other details. These contact details can be imported from Creator to your Campaigns.   


  • To integrate your SkyDesk Creator account, it is mandatory to have your SkyDesk Campaigns account with the same email address.

Step 1: Sync Contacts from SkyDesk Creator

  1. Go to Contacts module --> Sync Contacts subtab.
  2. Click Sync Contacts from SkyDesk Services from right hand side.
  3. In Click Sync Contacts from SkyDesk Services page, choose the service as SkyDesk Creator to be integrated with SkyDesk Campaigns.
  4. Click Proceed button.

Step 2: Sync Settings

  1. Sync Description: Give a name to your sync description. This is for your reference to remember the sync-related contacts.
  2. Applications: Here, you can select the application which has been created in Creator account.
  3. Views:  You can sync the contacts from a specific view which is already pre-defined (For e.g. forms).
  4. Mailing List Details: This is the mailing list in SkyDesk Campaigns to which you are going to sync your Creator contacts. We do have the option to add a new mailing list, for your convenience.
  5. Click the Save & Continue button to proceed.

Step 3: Map Your Fields

  1. In this step, basic details such as first name, last name and the e-mail address are pre-mapped by default.
  2. Click the Import button to confirm.

Your contacts from SkyDesk Creator have been imported to your list. You can now view the import details of your sync.