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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a simple method of providing updates published on your website/blog page. You can find RSS on blogs, newsletters or whereever the content is updated regularly.

 At SkyDesk Campaigns, users can create an RSS-to-email campaign using RSS merge tags which fetches the data from RSS feed and creates content as a summary and send periodically. Let’s try to understand about RSS campaign and why you need this?

What is an RSS Campaign?

 RSS-to-email Campaign is an easy way to share and view the website updates without visiting the website. This is done by sending automated campaigns to your subscribers when there is an update in the site. Typically, an item in an RSS Campaign will contain a title, concise description, and link redirecting to the original content in the website.

Why RSS Campaigns?

Without RSS, subscribers need to check your website for new updates, that too on daily basis. This may be time-consuming for many subscribers. With an RSS campaign, subscribers can receive updates without visiting your website. 

 For example, your website releases one or two features on weekly basis and these features are followed by announcements and blogs. When you send an RSS Campaign, your subscribers will receive a summary of your updates.

How to Create an RSS Campaign?

RSS-to-email Campaigns allows you to send an automated email campaign when your website/blog get updated. This is a step by step guide on how to create an RSS-to-email campaign.

To create RSS-to-email campaign, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Email campaigns module --> Click Advanced Campaigns.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select RSS Campaign.
  3. In the Create New Campaign page, enter the following details.

RSS Feed Details

  1. Website URL – Enter the RSS feed URL. If you are not sure about it, enter the main site URL in the box. (we'll try to fetch the RSS feed). If we fail to fetch the RSS feeds, please check the webpage of your website. It must have a link tag similar to " <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml (or atom+xml)" href="" />". If not, please contact your software developer to embed a similar tag in your webpage.
  2. Schedule Time – Schedule your campaign at a specific day and time and emails would be sent, periodically.
  3. Time Zone – Select the time zone so that the email is sent, accordingly.
  4. Click the Proceed button to confirm.

Basic Information

In the Basic Details page, enter the campaign details as given below:

Field Description
Campaign Name This will be automatically updated due to website URL entered in previous page. However, you can change the name.
Campaign Subject This will be automatically updated using RSS feed. However, you can change the subject line.
Sender’s Name You can either mention your name or your organization’s name.
Sender’s email address You’ve to specify your business email address. (By default, it’ll reflect the email address related to your SkyDesk Campaigns account).
Reply to Address The purpose of this email is to receive any reply from subscribers. This can be same to that of sender’s email address.


In this step, you would configure the content of your email by choosing your email type and content option.

  1. Select one of our RSS-to-email templates for sending an RSS campaign to your customers. However, you can also make use of our regular templates designed for emails.
  2. These RSS-to-email templates will be already embedded with the RSS merge tags in them.
  3. If you are interested to use generic templates or try other content configuration methods, copy the RSS Merge tags associated for RSS-to-email campaign and paste in the template. Learn more about RSS merge tags  .
  4. Click Save & Close to proceed.


  • While using generic templates or other content configuration methods, it is mandatory to copy and paste the Merge tags so that they pull the RSS feed or item from your website/ blog.
  • You can find the RSS merge tags to the right side of the Content Editor.


  1. In Choose Recipients page, select the mailings list(s).
  2. If you’ve not created any list, nothing to worry, you’ll be asked to create one. Learn more on How to import Contacts?  

Start RSS

This is the final stage before you start your RSS Campaign.

"Start RSS" – This will start the RSS campaign but it’ll wait for the scheduled day and time to send the first email.


  • You can send an RSS campaign immediately by selecting the checkbox "Send a campaign immediately".

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