Coupon Campaigns

Everyone loves Coupons or Gift vouchers! Indeed, coupons are the best way to increase your site traffic and boost your sales. But, how do you create a coupon based email campaign (or A/B test campaign) where every recipient receives a unique coupon code? 

At SkyDesk Campaigns, users can create coupon campaign using coupon merge tags which is replaced by the unique coupon code for subscribers. Let’s try to understand about Coupon campaign and why you need this?

Why Coupon Campaigns?

Confidential Access – From subscribers’ perspective, you are sending a unique coupon code which cannot be misused by others. 

Authenticate Coupons– You can check the authenticity of coupon by entering the coupon code in the given path and find the coupon details such as recipients name, expiry date and redeem status. Contacts --> Coupons --> Coupon Services.

Reward Loyal Customers – Sending a coupon campaign is the best way to recognize a loyal customer by suggesting the customer to redeem the coupon points in his account of your web site.  

What is Coupon Merge Tags?

Coupon Merge Tags are used to generate unique coupon codes rather than sending the same coupon to all subscribers.

$[CT:COUPONCODE]$ - Generates Coupon Code

$[CT:EXPIRYDATE]$ - Generates Coupon Expiry Date

How to Create Coupon Campaign? 

This is a step by step guide on how to create a Coupon Campaign.

Coupon Details

To create Coupon Campaign, follow the steps given below:

1. Go to the Email campaigns module --> Click Advanced Campaigns.
2. From the drop-down menu, select Coupon Campaign.

3. In the Coupon Details page, enter the following details.

  • Coupon Prefix – Enter the beginning letters of your coupon. It must be alpha-numeric and contain 4-12 characters.
  • Coupon Expiry Date – This is the expiry date for the coupon set for the campaign.
  • Coupon Expiry Date Format – Select the date format for the coupon expiry date.

4. Click the Proceed button to confirm.

Basic Details



Campaign Name

To identify the email for your future purpose.

Campaign Subject

A suitable subject line which relates to your Campaign.

Sender’s Name

You can either mention your name or your organization’s name.

Sender’s email address

You’ve to specify your business email address. (By default, it’ll reflect the email address related to your SkyDesk Campaigns account).

Reply to Address

The purpose of this email is to   receive any reply from subscribers. This can be same to that of sender’s   email address.


In this step, you would configure the content of your email by choosing your email type and content option.

1. Select one of our content options such as designed templates or HTML editor or any other option.
2. Add the campaign content and copy the CouponMerge tags situated under Contact Tags and paste in the template. 
3. Click Save & Close to proceed.


  • You can find the coupon merge tags to the right side of the Content Editor.


1. Choose Recipients page, select the mailings list(s).
2. If you’ve not created any list, nothing to worry, you’ll be asked to create one. Learn more on how to import Contacts  .

Send Campaign

This is the final stage before you send your Coupon Campaign.

How to Validate Coupons?

You can validate the coupon code and check the details such as recipient details, campaign name, campaign sent on, expiry date, and coupon status.

  1. Go to Contacts Module --> Click CouponServices subtab.
  2. In the Coupon Validation page, enter the coupon code in the box given.
  3. Click the Check button to view the coupon information.

How to View Coupon History?

You canview the list of coupon campaigns created in your account by following the steps as given below:

  1. Go to Contacts Module --> Click CouponServices subtab.
  2. Now, click Coupon History situated on the right hand side.

This will list down the coupon campaigns created in your org.