Adding comments to Email Campaigns

Posting Comments on an email campaign allows the recipients to provide feedback which can convert to a discussion in the ling term. SkyDesk Campaigns provides a text box where users can submit comments for your email campaigns. You will be able to moderate and keep the comments private until you publish them.

  Letting recipients add comments

Recipients/Visitors can post comments on email campaign by clicking the link "View this email in a browser". Upon clicking the link, the campaign opens in a separate tab where the recipients/visitors can add comments.  Once recipient/visitor adds a comment it either gets published or awaits your approval depending upon your Comment Settings.

Note :The capability to post a comment applies even when a someone receives the email via forward.

  Using Comment Merge Tags

Apart from clicking the link to View this email in a browser, you can insert the comment merge tag(s) in your campaign content. These merge tags will be displayed as an "Add Comment" link or an icon with hover as Add Comments.

$[ET:COMMENTS_LINK]$ - This is displayed in the form of link to add comment in email content.
$[ET:COMMENTS_ICON]$ - This is displayed in the form of icon to add comment in email content.
$[ET:COMMENTS_ICON|Comments|Add comments]$ - This is displayed in the form of icon with hover comment as “Comment" and "Add Comment" as Alt image in email campaign.

  Viewing Recipients' comments

To view the comments posted :

  1. Go to Reports Tab
  2. Click the Campaign for which you want to view the comments
  3. Click the Recipient Comments from the right hand side


  • A comment will not be visible until sender clicks the publish link.
  • Users can view their own comments regardless of comment being approved or not.

  Managing Comments

There is always a high possibility of users or visitors posting irrelevant or derogatory comments. In order to restrict the less-relevant comments, you can customize your comment settings so that a comment requires your permission to get published.

You can decide on whether to publish a comment by clicking the "Publish" option or delete the comment by clicking the "Delete" option.

However, if you don’t want to moderate incoming comments, you can select the checkbox to publish the comments.