Sending out a Welcome Email or planning your holiday promotions do not have to be a tedious task. All that you require is a clear plan and the relevant information that you want to share with your subscribers. Autoresponders take care of the rest so that your emails go out even when you are on a vacation.

Do not Miss any Opportunity

Birthdays, Sign-ups, Anniversaries, Welcome or Thank You. Every interaction that you have with your subscribers is a step towards building strong customer relationships. Schedule emails to go out as soon as a subscriber joins your mailing list or define your own date fields that trigger your autoresponders. If you're organizing an event and you want to target just the attendees, you can use the closed-group autoresponder.

Follow-ups based on opens or clicks

Send a follow-up and relevant email to all subscribers who clicked on a specific link in your welcome email. Email action based autoresponders let you send follow-up emails based on your subscribers’ interactions.

Plan your holiday promotions

Is your office closed on holidays? Do you send greetings to your customers before every occasion? Plan holiday messages or promotions well in advance. Calendar-based autoresponders make sure that your message reaches your customers right on time.

Plan a drip marketing strategy

Do not end with a single email. Sending timely emails at regular intervals helps to build a brand reputation. Define a follow-up email strategy so that your emails are spread over a specific period of time.

Track detailed performance

Check the performance of every email in your autoresponder series. From autoresponder reports, you know what changes are required to your email content and subject lines so that you get maximum engagement.

Target specific groups

Research shows that email open rates are better if your audience is more targeted. Country, Lead Status, Age or Designation - with custom date fields you can filter and segment your audience just the way you want to. Your autoresponder emails can be sent out to only these segments and not to your entire mailing list.

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