• SkyDesk Calendar User Guide

  • What's New?

    • Group CalendarNew

      When events are associated with an entire team, like a project deadline or a meeting, the group calendar keeps everyone on the same page. It is a central calendar to which all members are granted access. Each one can create and modify events and invite the team.

    • Reminders

      SkyDesk Calendar enables you to schedule multiple reminders for every event. Get your event reminders in your preferred mail box, as a pop up, or both. You can choose to receive reminders up to 90 days prior to or after the commencement of the event.

    • Embed a calendar

      Publish your calendar on your website or blog for every visitor to see. At the same time, retain your privacy with various level of access privileges. You can display either free/busy information alone or the event details. You can also enable your viewers to request an appointment with you.

    • Integrate with SkyDesk Apps

      When you create events, you can save the event details as a note, add it as a task and schedule it as a meeting. This makes SkyDesk Calendar your access portal to other SkyDesk applications. Not only can you add, but you can also view the note and task from within SkyDesk Calendar itself.

    • Share a calendar

      Calendars can either be shared with individuals or shared publicly. You can choose one of the permissions like "View free busy", "View Event Details", "Edit event details" and "Manage/Delegate". If your calendar is exposed to unauthorized people, you can revoke the access permission by resetting your private URL.

    • Send Invitation

      Meetings and family gatherings can never be complete without attendees. On SkyDesk Calendar, you can invite others to your event as and when you create it. An invitation email will be sent to the invitees to which they can respond and update their availability status.

    • Subscribe and Import

      Holidays of 30 countries are available as predefined calendars for you to subscribe. To view friends' events, use their email address to subscribe to their calendars or import their events to your calendar. You can also subscribe to publicly available calendars from the web.

    • Cross-platform Sync

      With SkyDesk calendar sync, you can now manage events on multiple calendars, across popular services; Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and SkyDesk CRM Calendar.

    • Mobile Access

      SkyDesk Calendar can be accessed on your mobile phone too, using a mobile web browser. We support iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia smart phones.

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