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In this section, we have put together commonly asked questions about SkyDesk Calendar usage.

SkyDesk Calendar Basics

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Import, Export & Sync:

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  • How can I export only selected events from my calendar?
  • SkyDesk Calendar enables you to export selected events alone to an ICS file. This can be done by listing all the events using the "Search" option, selecting the events from the list, and clicking on the "Export" link.

  • Can I export my calendar as a URL so that I can mail the URL to my friends?
  • You can export all the events of your calendar and mail them to your colleagues so that they can import them to their own calendar. This can be done by sharing the ical URL of the calendar.

  • How can I export my calendar as html?
  • With SkyDesk Calendar, you can export your calendar events to two types of URLs: Private and Public. These URLs can be used by others to either import to their calendars or to subscribe to your calendar to be updated on your schedule.

    Public/Embedded URL:You can control teh access permissions to this URL. It is therefore suitable for public use and embedding.
    Private URL:This is a unique URL for your calendar. As it does not require authentication when accessing, avoid sharing this URL with others. It is most suitable for personal reference.

Share & Embed

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  • How do I reset my private URL?
  • If your private URL is exposed to unauthorized users, you can prevent their access by resetting this URL. On your calendar page, right click on the calendar and select "Share" on the context menu. In the sharing page, click on the "Reset" button beside the iCal URL and HTML URL. Once reset, the exposed URL will not be accessible.

    Note : Reset the iCal URL immediately if exposed publicly.

  • Whom can I assign Delegate/Manage privilege to?
  • If you want someone else to manage your appointments for you, you can assign Delegate privilege to that person. This will enable him/her to perform all calendar operations as the calendar owner, except delete the calendar. This is most useful for a manger who needs his/her secretary to handle the schedule.

  • When I have embedded my calendar on my website, how can I enable viewers to subscribe to my calendar?
  • You can enable viewers to subscribe to your embedded calendar with the "Link To" button that SkyDesk Calendar provides. The URL for this button is available under "More Links" in the calendar details page. If you include this button on your website, viewers can click on it and they will be subscribed to your calendar.

  • I am a doctor. How can calendar sharing be useful for me to manage my appointments?
  • As a doctor, you may need to publish your schedule on your website for all your patients to view. Based on your free time, patients should be able to request an appointment via email for you to approve. This can be achieved with "Web API for requisition" or "HTM for requisition".
    Using this link, the viewer will be able to specify his/her name and contact information as well as the date, time, and reason for making an appointment. An email request will be sent to your mail box. You can either approve or deny the request based on your convenience.

  • Can I share my calendar with a group?
  • You can use the group calendar function to manage your group's schedule on SkyDesk. A group calendar will be automatically created for each Organization Group and Personal Group. To view and edit a group calendar, click Subscribe in the settings page.

  • Before inviting a friend to a scheduled meeting, How can I know his free/busy information?
  • The Free/Busy feature of SkyDesk Calendar enables you to check if your invitees will be free to attend the event which you are hosting. On the create event window, type the email addresses in the Attendees field. Click on the "Free/Busy" link beside the field to display the availability of the invitees. If some users are busy at that time, you can also navigate to the next time slot to know when they will be free and schedule the event accordingly.

  • I am a manager. How can I enable my Steno to manage my calendar on my behalf?
  • If you are too busy to manage your schedule, you can let your secretary do it on your behalf. Share your calendar with your steno, and assign the Delegate/Manage privilege. This can be done by right clicking on the calendar you want help with and select "Share" option. In the calendar sharing page, add your secretary's email address in the individual sharing field and assign the Delegate permission on the drop down list.

  • How can I retrieve the shared calendar I deleted accidentally?
  • Even when you have deleted the calendar that was shared to you, the original calendar is fine. You can ask the calendar owner to send you the Calendar URL. Using this URL you receive by email, you can retrieve the shared calendar. The "Mail To" link provided under Other links in the calendar details page enables the calendar owners to send the URL.

  • What is the need for embedding calendar on websites?
  • If you embed your calendar on websites, you can make it publicly visible to all. In addition, you can enable the viewers to subscribe to your calendar, and also request appointments from you via email.

  • The embedded calendar does not suit my website's colour theme. Can I change it?
  • With SkyDesk Calendar, you can customize the view of the embedded calendar to suit your requirements. "Customize for more Templates" link is available below the embed url in the calendar details page. Customization includes changing the view of embedded calendar, managing height and width of the calendar and the colour schemes to suit your website. There are ten predefined coloured templates to choose from.

  • When embedding a calendar, it is always displayed in day view. Can I change it to month view?
  • Yes, you can customize the embedded calendar. On the calendar embed page, click on the link "Customize for more templates" provided below the embed URL. Along with the ten different predefined templates, you will also have a drop down box to select the view. Using it, you can specify the view you want to embed the calendar in, either day, week or month view.


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  • How can I remove a calendar which I have subscribed to?
  • With Unsubscribe option, you can remove the subscribed calendars from your calendar. If you want to unsubscribe from a calendar, right click on that calendar listed under "Others Calendar" section, and from the context menu, click on "Unsubscribe".

  • How can I invite friends to subscribe to my calendars?
  • SkyDesk Calendar enables you to invite friends via email to share your calendars. You can use the "Mail To" option available under More links in calendar details page. All you need to do is click on this link and type the email addresses of your friends you wish to share the calendar with. An email invitation will be sent to them along with the unique subscription URL.

  • How can I subscribe to my friend's calendar?
  • With the iCal URL of your friend's calendar, you can subscribe to that calendar using the Subscribe to ยป by URL option. This will be the unique URL of the calendar, hence it should not be publicly exposed.

  • Are there any predefined holiday calendars that I can subscribe to?
  • With SkyDesk Calendar, you can keep track of various holidays celebrated around the world. Yes, we offer a wide range of Holiday calendars for you to subscribe.


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