Two Factor Authentication

Things to know

  1. Verification Code
  2. Backup Verification Code
  3. Application specific password
  4. Trusted Browsers
  5. Backup phone number

1. Verification Code

What is a Verification Code?

These are the codes that are generated uniquely for your account when you Sign-In to your SkyDesk Account using your account password.

How can I get the verification codes?

You can receive the verification code in anyone of the following ways:

  • SkyDesk can send verification code to your phone via SMS text message
  • SkyDesk can call your phone or landline with your account verification code
  • Google Authenticator mobile app can generate verification code
  • If you are not receiving the verification code, then try to use the Resend option to send the verification code
  • Depending on the mobile service provider, SMS text messages may take time to receive, so kindly wait for sometime

2. Backup Verification Code

What are Backup Verification codes?

These are the codes that can be used when you can't receive the verification code in your phone. You can print or download and keep it safe a set of one-time use backup verification codes for times when your phones are unavailable, or when you are in out of mobile network coverage area, such as when you travel.

How to get Backup codes for my account ?

  • A set of backup codes will be listed and you can click Save as text to save it locally
  • If required, you can print the backup codes and keep it secure
  • These codes are one-time use only and can be used in place of verification code, when you Sign-In to your account
  • In case you want to regenerate the backup codes, click Generate new codes, which will delete the existing code and generate new set of backup codes

Where should I use the Backup codes ?

These are one-time valid verification codes which can be used in place of "Verification Code". After signing in to your account with password, click Can't access your phone? in the Sign-In verification code page and enter one of the backup code saved to Sign-In to your account.

Important: If your phone is unavailable, these codes will be the only way to sign in to your account. Therefore, make sure to keep them in a secure and accessible place.

3. Application specific password

What are Application specific passwords?

TFA cannot be achieved in some non-browser based applications like POP/IMAP mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Android mails), Jabber Chat clients, Plug-Ins, ActiveSync, etc. To access your account using these applications, you need to generate an application-specific password. This application-specific password has to be entered in the password field of your application instead of your regular account password. You can create a new application-specific password for each application you require to access.

Note : Mobile Apps (iOS/Android) from SkyDesk don't require 'application specific password'. To Sign-In to those apps, you have to use email with your normal skydesk-account-password followed by 'TFA verification code' in the next screen, as you Sign-In from Web Browser.

How to generate an Application specific password ?

To generate an application specific password, follow the steps given below:

  • Enter a descriptive name for the application (Device or App Name) you want to access, such as "iphone email" along you account password (Current Password) for security purpose and then click Generate

  • You'll then see the application-specific password, which you can use to access the required application. (Note that, application-specific password will be shown only once and if required, you have generate new one again)
  • On the same page, at the right bottom Show Generated Passwords link will list you the already generated application-specific password details with Device/App Name and option to Revoke to delete any generated password permanently

4. Trusted Browsers

What are Trusted browsers?

The browsers you have ticked as "trusted browsers" on a computer won't ask for a verification code every time you sign in for 30 days. You can mark a browser on a particular computer as trusted browser by selecting Trust this browser option, when entering your verification code during sign in process.

How to view/delete trusted browsers ?

  • This will list you the details of the browsers trusted on any computer IP Address for your account already
  • You may also delete the trusted browser at any time from the above list using Revoke link
  • By doing this, you will require to enter a verification code the next time you sign in on thosebrowser in a computer

5. Backup phone number

What is a Backup phone number?

Backup phone numbers are used to send you verification codes during sign-In process in case your primary phone is unavailable or lost. We will use this only when you ask us to send code and for account security.

How to add/delete backup phone numbers ?

To add or delete backup phone numbers, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to 
  • Click the Two Factor Authentication tab on your home screen
  • Click the Add Phone option available (Denoted by a Smartphone icon)
  • Enter your phone number and click Text Me
  • A verification code will be sent to your number, enter the verification code and click Verify
  • Your backup phone number will be added automatically
  • Similarly, to delete a phone number, click the "X" option corresponding to the phone number, enter your password and click verify