Two Factor Authentication

TFA - Recovery

Is your phone lost/unavailable? No ways to receive verification codes for your SkyDesk account? No ways to access your SkyDesk account now? Do not panic. At SkyDesk, we provide you with a simple yet effective way of getting out of this problem. "Backup verification codes" is the answer.

What are Backup Verification codes?

These are the codes that can be used when you can't receive the verification code in your phone. You can print or download and keep it safe a set of one-time use backup verification codes for times when your phones are unavailable, or when you are in out of mobile network coverage area, such as when you travel.

Where should I use the Backup codes ?

These are one-time valid verification codes which can be used in place of "Verification Code". After signing in to your account with password, click "Can't access your phone?" in the Sign-In Verification code page and enter one of the backup code saved to Sign-In to your account.

Important: If your phone is unavailable, these codes will be the only way to sign in to your account. Therefore, make sure to keep them in a secure and accessible place.

How to get Backup codes for my account ?

  • A set of backup codes will be listed and you can click Save as text to save it locally
  • If required, you can print the backup codes and keep it secure
  • These codes are for one-time use only and can be used in place of verification code, when you sign in to your account
  • In case you want to regenerate the backup codes, click Generate new codes
  • It will delete the existing codes and generate a new set of backup codes