SkyDesk Accounts


  1. Preferences
  2. Personal Information
  3. Activity History

1. Preferences

Personal preferences vary from person to person. We understand the fact that our clients are spread across different demographies of the globe and hence their way of using their respective accounts vary as well. We at SkyDesk, believe in catering to the needs of each and every customer of ours with utmost sincereity. Therefore, we provide them the option of using their SkyDesk accounts the way they want to.

Using the preferences settings available in your SkyDesk homepage, you can access, manage and update your custom preferences like visibility of your profile picture, date format, password expiry notification and subscription options.

To do so, click the Preferences tab available in your SkyDesk account home screen. Select the Profile "Photo view permission" of your choice from the available options. Using this option you can limit others from accessing your profile picture according to you wish. You can manage your date formats from the options available (a customized date format is also available for your comfort), browser connection and newsletter subscription options.

Once you select all the necessary options you want as your preferences, simply click the "Update Preferences" link available on the bottom of the page. You settings will be successfully updated.

2. Personal Information

Personal information enables an individual to be identified. SkyDesk account users can manage their personal details, contact information, language, country and timezone settings. Your SkyDesk Personal information includes the following:

  • Full Name
  • Nick Name
  • Gender
  • Email Address
  • Skype ID
  • Local Details
  • Language
  • Country
  • Time Zone

Managing your identity using the personal information settings has now become easy. To update your personal information, login to your account using you email address and password and click My Profile Info on your account home screen. Enter your personal details and click "Save". Your personal details will be saved successfully.

3. Activity History

You can access and manage your activity history details from anywhere using your SkyDesk account. Activity history provides you information about your account usage habits and will help you to monitor all your account access.

To view your activity history, follow the steps given bellow:

    • Log in to your SkyDesk account using your email address and password
    • Click Activity History on your homescreen

  • Your SkyDesk service activities along with the latest time of using that service will be displayed

Note: You can view your activity history only for the current month.