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About SkyDesk

SkyDesk is a cloud service offering a variety of collaboration tools that make communication within your team simple and efficient.

Watch the SkyDesk concept video below to find out more.

SkyDesk Sales -Your Chance to Boost Sales-

SkyDesk Collaboration - Cross Border Communication

Do you have problems such as these when you work in a team?

  • Required information is difficult to find because it is stored using various tools or in various locations.
  • Information and context are not shared properly among team members.
  • Other than by E-mail or telephone, there is no other means for sharing information with other company or remotely located team members.
  • Information stored in the office is not available from outside the office and you feel that it is risky to take information out.

SkyDesk allows you to solve all these problems!

Wide variety of applications to manage all information centrally
E-mails to Mailer, schedule data to Calendar, and notes to Notes - you can centrally manage all data online, including documents, spreadsheets or presentations, with no limitation on data format.
Data is automatically shared with your team by creating a shared workspace and storing data there.
Whoever the data is shared with and whatever people share, you can locate the required data easily.

Information portal that consolidates the current activities of the Organization
Besides E-mail, various communication tools such as personal and group chat rooms, status and announcement posting can be used according to the needs of your members or usage scenarios.
Functions for displaying the members that are currently online and for sharing Calendars allow you to coordinate your schedules and to easily determine each other's status.

Flexible creation and management of groups
You can freely choose compositions such as the entire Organization, an Organization Group, or a Personal Group, according to the working style. SkyDesk can consolidate not only the project activity within a department but also the activity across multiple departments and information sharing with other companies. Information is securely distinguished between Groups, so that the information, including documents and schedules, cannot be viewed if specific Groups do not share it.
Group portal contains a list of shared documents and functions for sharing member status and contacts, links and memos and for managing tasks. These are consolidated into easy-to-understand functions to make team activities agile.

Accessible from anywhere
SkyDesk is a Cloud Service that allows you to perform all of your operations through Web browser. All data is stored on SkyDesk allowing you to access the data from outside the office and on mobile devices, as if you are in the office. The E-mail history data* as well as documents you access will not be saved on the mobile device, minimizing the leakage risk in case you lose it.
* If you use a POP/IMAP service and view E-mails on SkyDesk with your mobile device, the E-mail data will be saved on it.

Solid support for other business needs

  • Full-scale Sales Support Function
    Lately, terms such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SFA (Sales Force Automation) have become common. Tools to accumulate and analyze data from sales activities is essential to the future of a business. SkyDesk provides you with a customer management system that supports a series of sales activities from marketing activities through potential customer management to continuous support for customers.
  • Rigid Security

    In business situations, there is a need to limit unnecessary access despite the need for mobile access. SkyDesk has an ability to restrict IP addresses that have access to SkyDesk by user profile*. In addition, the data center that provides the SkyDesk service is operated under physical security (such as 24 hours x 365 days monitoring and biometric authentication) and network security (such as encryption and access control).

    • * IP Filtering may hinder access to SkyDesk from mobile devices.

The services provided by SkyDesk

  • Collaboration
    SkyDesk provides communication tools such as E-mail and chat and functions to share customers' contacts, workers' schedules, various documents and other information. This enables collaboration that crosses distance barriers and organizational boundaries.
  • Sales
    SkyDesk allows you to manage information such as business card information within the Organization and existing and potential customer data centrally, supporting a series of sales activities from sales and marketing to customer support and inventory management and enabling smooth and complete sales activities.
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